Summer Camp in Petrópolis

Today you’re going to read a composition about my experience in a Summer Camp in the city of Petrópolis. It happened a long time ago and I was young at the time.

Quitandinha Palace in Petrópolis

Palácio Quitandinha is one of the most impressive architectural monuments in Petrópolis, built in 1944. It was the largest hotel casino in Latin America. Nowadays its public areas are operated by Sesc.

But first, let me tell you something interesting about Petrópolis.

It’s located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Petrópolis is also known as “The Imperial City”. It’s been denominated since Brazilian Imperial era. In the 19th century, the Brazilian Emperors lived in Brazil and the Emperor Pedro I chose that region to build their summer residence. The Emperor decided it when our Majesty was traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Minas Gerais. Then, in 1843,  Petrópolis was founded by the Emperor Pedro II. During the hottest months of the year, the Emperor and his Imperial family moved into their summer residence. It was because of region’s climate pleasant. On that occasion, Petrópolis became the capital of the Empire of Brazil.


SESC Nogueira – Photo by Wikimapa

So, now, let me share with you my experience in Petrópolis:

In 1982, I spent my vacation in a Summer Camp at SESC Nogueira which is one of the several units of the Social Service of Commerce (Serviço Social do Comércio), also known by the acronym SESC.

SESC is a Brazilian commerce organization maintained by businessmen in the trade of goods, services and tourism. The institution provides the welfare of their employees and their family and the general community. The Summer Camp in Petrópolis was created to offer leisure for their employees children. As my father was a commerce worker, I could stay there.

Sesc Nogueira in Petrópolis Picture by Eduardo P

Swimming pool of SESC Nogueira – Photo by Eduardo P

As soon as I arrived in the Summer Camp, the staff introduced me to my new campmates and my teachers. I stayed at the Summer Camp for ten days away from my parents. The establishment was situated in a wonderful large nature area. There were swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts, football field, gymnasium, playground areas, snack bar and one big restaurant where we had meals every day. There were also other facilities and services to attend us in that place. We were separated for age and genre groups. I’m not sure, but I think there were six groups. The rooms for girls and boys were separated.

Sesc Nogueira in Petrópolis Picture by Eduardo P

Playground of SESC Nogueira – Photo by Eduardo P

Every night after having dinner we had to choose a song to sing the next morning. Each group had to sing a different song.  We had a lot of activities to do every day.  We had breakfast and each group presented its song for everybody. Then, we had to work out under the supervision of our teachers. The exercises were done on a basketball or volleyball court. After that, we were free to enjoy the site. Some of my campmates prefered to swim in the pool and others play indoor or outdoor sports and games.

Sesc Nogueira in Petrópolis Picture by Eduardo P

SESC Nogueira – Photo by Eduardo P

We always had lunch at noon.  After that, sometimes we spent half-day doing some activities given from our teachers.  At about 5 p.m. we went back to our accommodation to take a shower and get dress to have dinner.

Sesc Nogueira in Petrópolis Picture by Eduardo P

SESC Nogueira – Photo by Eduardo P

I think it was a great experience. I had a lot of fun in my Summer Camp in Petrópolis. I made friends and I talk to them so far.

Did you like my post? Let me know about it. You’re free to comment it.

Thank you for reading this. See you!!! Drika :)

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