A Family Get-together

Hey everyone! Today you’re going to read a composition about my family get-together on Christmas Eve. This is my text below:

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

I have such a good memory of Christmas Eve. A long time ago, my parents and I attended my grandmother’s house to celebrate this memorable fraternity event and the birth of Jesus Christ. It was a special moment to have my family get-together with my uncles, aunts, cousins and some friends. It was also a great opportunity to meet some of my relatives that I hadn’t seen throughout the year. Most of them live far away. I was looking forward to gathering together with them.

The preparation for the next Christmas celebrations started as soon as the last Nativity feast had happened. Each family helped with its own money to have a big party in my paternal grandmother’s house. Two uncles were responsible for collecting our money and putting it into a savings account. Then, this money was only used at the beginning of December.

One of my cousins had a special talent with party decoration and organization. So, he and some of my aunts set up authentic Nativity scenes with Christmas tree, lights, ornaments and figures. The Christmas tree was decorated with lights, small decorative items, Christmas cards and gifts. Each one of us put a gift under the tree to be exchanged at midnight. The outside of my grandmother’s house was also decorated with lights and sometimes with Christmas ornaments associated with the winter season. Despite of Brazilian Christmas celebrations hold during the Southern Hemisphere summer.

Each family prepared some recipe for Christmas dinner that was normally served on Christmas Eve around 10 p.m. On a large decorated table there was delicious food, including the traditional roasted Christmas turkey, baked cod with potatoes, roasted chicken, roasted pork, seasoned rice, “farofa” stuffing, green salad, assortments of fruit and so on. As dessert, it was always served a kind of candy that I particularly love, called “rabanada”. Its main ingredients are bread, eggs, sugar and milk. Along with our meal, there were champagne, wine, beer, soft drinks and fruit punch.

Almost at midnight we gathered in a circle to pray and thank God for everything. We held our hands until the prayer was concluded, indicated with  an “Amen”. So, at 12 a.m. sharp we exchanged gifts around the Christmas tree. After that, we enjoyed dancing, singing and making jokes.

It was a great moment in my life and certainly to my parents’ life as well.

Thank you for reading my post. See you! Drika :)

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