Environmental Problems Caused by Cattle Breeding


Do you know what the main cause of the environmental problem is? To many researchers the major damage to our environment is the cattle breeding. What? Take it easy! This is what you’ve just read here. I’m going to explain everything. So, continue reading this post to understand it better.


Cattle breeding seems to be an innocent activity, but what maybe you don’t know is that according to the United Nations (UN) raising cattle produces more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry. It’s because cows produce a substantial amount of methane gas from their digestive process. This gas from livestock is more destructive than carbon dioxide.


Furthermore, animal agriculture drives into desertification and extinction of species. This is due to clearance of the forest, so animals can graze and grow their feed crops. Another important fact is that livestock consumes huge amount of freshwater. See this simple example: to produce one gallon of milk, we need one thousand gallons of freshwater. So, imagine how much water is required to produce all animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs, wool and leather. Can you imagine that?

So, what is the solution to this environmental issue? Well, some people suggest alternative foods instead of eating animal products. Cereals, soy, tubers and pulses are high-protein plant foods. They can satisfy protein requirements and provide human health benefits. Besides this, consumption of these foods could reduce the environmental problems associated with livestock.


Would you stop consuming animal products? Well, in my opinion I won’t stop eating meat suddenly. But I’ve been more selected on what I serve on my plate. I’ve changed from red meat to fish and I’ve been eating more vegetables especially after the scandal involving Brazil’s meat industry. In addition to this, I’ve been reducing the consumption of dairy products on my diet as well.

If you want to know a little more about the environmental impacts caused by livestock I recommend watching the documentary called “Cowspiracy” and read “Cowspiracy’s facts“. And then, you decide yourself if believe or not in it! I hope you enjoyed my post. Thank you! See you! :)

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